24 Useful Tips For Traveling In South Vietnam

The first acquaintance with the locals as soon as you step off the airport is usually the taxi driver.

Like wise, when I arrived in Ho Chi Minh City in southern Vietnam and Danang tours in mid-January with my sister. And sure enough: we were dropped off almost immediately.

No, not from one location to another, but financially deposited. As we go through the crowded streets of Saigon reason, we were not already merry with the musty smell and the craziness of the city, but the collision with the unfriendly taxi driver at the end of the ride made our first impression of Vietnam was little about to write home.

Meanwhile, nearly two months later (yes, “busy” with travel), I have a month Thailand behind it, and I sit with my tanned body in Cambodia.

More importantly, I am now come all the way back to that first impression of Vietnam.

I thought it was delicious! Because once you put over it that people do not speak English well and knows the psychological wall to break through, the Vietnamese are warm, wonderful people who are always willing to help you.

Three weeks I spent there. It was not nearly enough to get to know the country well.

Indeed, because of the temperature differences between the north, center and south of the country and my limited wardrobe, I chose to explore only the hot spots in South Vietnam.

It led to four places that I discovered with pleasure. And since I already countless people meanwhile have provided with useful tips for their stay in South Vietnam, it seemed convenient to capture these tips sometimes in black and white.

Here they come then, conveniently listed in a row.

Capital Of South Vietnam: Ho Chi Minh (Saigon)

The city is officially mentioned for years Ho Chi Minh City in southern Vietnam.

However, the locals speak – and tourists who have been there – always on Saigon. The city is known for the hectic traffic, but despite that it has a charm that I could not resist.

For backpackers who want to hang out restaurant with tourists: stay in District 1, the heart of the city from which you can go to all the shopping malls, or in the vicinity can enjoy the local and Western cuisine.

My ideal accommodation Eco Backpackers Hostel on Pham Ngu Lao number 373.

It’s a very cheap hostel between the festivities. And yet it is immaculate, modern, safe and comfortable. With earplugs to sleep like a rose. Even when you’re on the first floor.

Travel: Planning to move to another city? Book your tour through Futa business.

They run on time, maintain fair prices, have comfortable (sleeping), and buses regularly stop in places with regular toilets and good food. This is in contrast to some other bus companies where I had to pay to squat over a hole in the ground. I rest my case.

History: The War Remnants Museum gives you the right one-sided view of the war in Vietnam, but it is equally a piece of education you do not want to miss. You may combine this with a visit to the Co Chi tunnels (somewhat disappointing in my opinion).

Hungry? District One – find the small alleys – there are small street stalls selling fresh sushi made for you. Lovely!

Vegetarians beware: several meters is “Hum” next to the War Remnants Museum. A vegetarian restaurant where you can enjoy Indian, Thai, Vietnamese and other dishes. Slightly more pricey than you’re used to in Vietnam, but the money worth. My favorites: the fried rice with pineapple.

Traffic: how the Vietnamese rise in organized chaos, is memorable. They see perfectly well, even if you do not think. They will not stop for you if you cross but travel effortlessly around you. The only way to stabbing over is: just walk and not be afraid.

Can Tho

The city on the famous Mekong Delta with its floating markets. Nice to see, but after a day or two, you are well done.

Stay with Guesthouse Hien (Phan Dinh Phung 118/10 Ð) where the friendly but very business owner you will receive with open arms.

The floating markets are nice to have seen, but not super special. Think about it possibly to take another tour on the river to enjoy more of nature.

Make sure to try the fresh spring rolls (fresh vegetables in rice paper) which you can get anywhere in South Vietnam.

Phu Quoc

Neutral write about Phu Quoc I can not. Forgive me. It is the island where I found love and me so in my pink cloud phase only positive to look back. Here some features of the island.

Phu Quoc is an island only to bake on the beach (Long Beach) or to make cycling. The largest part of the island is a nature reserve. Expect no attractions or cultural visits.

Bounty: That said, the beach is pearl white and the bright sea blue. The sunset is also delusional sense-nig beautiful.

Food: the many restaurants on the beach serve delicious, fresh fish from the grill. Pure pleasure! But do not forget the small streets from the beach to the main road not where you are sometimes surprised by the delicious French cuisine.

Rory’s Bar: A cozy beach club, where you can do a beer in a casual atmosphere.

Accommodations are not cheap: allow at least $ 20.00 (€ 15.00 to 16.00) per night for a room. Cheaper I have not found it. On average you pay $ 35.00 soon. Best book in advance to ensure that you have a place.

There are a piece or two fish sauce factories on the island. If you ride towards the north, bring a face mask. The stench is unbearable after all

Sea: the sea is lovely, but there is some plankton. And yes, bite plankton. So those crazy injections? Now you know giving you that feeling.

Alanis Coffee Deli (Tran Hung Dao Street 98) makes delicious Vietnamese coffee. The traditional Vietnamese coffee is a kind of espresso shot with mocha flavor. Most people are crazy about. This coffee shop you can also buy great coffee to take away as a souvenir.

Mui Ne

The last ten days in South Vietnam I idled (and worked occasionally) to the coastal town of Mui Ne. Small Moscow, we can call it. Russians do not need a visa to enter the country. So they gather here frequently.

Guesthouse Keng (Nguyen Dinh Chieu 185): This was certainly an excellent place to stay. With only $ 12.00 for my room and a clean bathroom, I could see the memory of that unpleasant first night in a grubby hostel erase immediately. A fifteen-minute walk to the busier areas and the beach, but the rest is worth it.

Messages: There are numerous spas and massage parlors in Mui Ne. Some of them focus on the tourists who like to go for luxury and comfort and also handle nearly western prices. The service is excellent there. For the budget traveler, however, you can at the local salons for a good massage or pedicure.

Mexican food does at El Latino: cozy surroundings and delicious cuisine.

Live music and a comfortable atmosphere? Joe’s bar is an excellent place. Amazement I saw the Hot Vanilla on the map. If vanilla freak I could not wait to try this. What a delight! In fact, the hot milk with a shot of condensed milk, so beautiful to make at home as a treat.

The red sand dunes: many tour operators offer you a day tour to visit the ‘white and red sand dunes.

Thanks to an adventurous Germans I met there, I’m fine – the Dutch – went on the bike. Ten kilometers stairs in the heat to admire the red sand dunes, but it was a perfect workout. The white dunes I have beaten so on.

The Fairytale Stream: Be smart and visit this possibly on the way back from the red dunes (so if you go cycling).

German My traveling companion and I, therefore, decided the day afterward which way to turn to visit this fairytale stream yet. Ongoing. And that was all in all a pretty terrible job. But worth it because you get all kinds of good photo spots against.

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