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The easiest and cheapest way to go is the camping tent. We just need a few tools and free weekend with good weather to enjoy nature and do something different. And if you have kids for them will be the best gift. Are you still thinking it? What are you waiting for? !! Buy a tent !!

When I go in summer to Camping strikes me the many tents usually found in coastal campsites. Far exceeds that number caravans, cars and of course shop motorhomes. For more convenient, you can opt for the best backpacking tent

Go camping is the perfect opportunity to leave everyday problems and reconnect with oneself, with nature, with schedule changes depending on the hours of sun to get more out of life. It is one of the most extraordinary experiences and requires a very low cost.

To go camping one of the key elements is to have a good tent and ride know, for this, we will have some tips for when buying your shop may be able to pick something in conditions depending on your needs.

They come in all sizes and colors: single, double and family. With one, two or three bedrooms. And if we need to expand the space or protection from the sun only we need to add a folding pergola. Undoubtedly, the shops are camping queens.

Sometimes wandering around the campsite saw a small igloo tent on the format. Beside her eating a father with his little son on a folding table. Stuck to the store a Mercedes 500 euros more than 50,000 wind guarding them.

Could not that man afford a caravan or motorhome? Definitely. And despite that he chose a tent to sleep under the stars.

One of the first details that we need to consider is if you go camping sporadically, or you usually camp often it is not the same always camp at a particular time of year to camp at several stations, so you should take that there are different stores depending on the time.

Ideally, the tent is light because have to move it until you get to the area that you have chosen to camp and if it weighs too much can be a nuisance.

Another thing to consider is the area where you go camping. You will find tents depending on where you go to ride: camping-hiking, climbing, swimming, etc.

One of the data that you will see soon is the number of places that store has to choose the accurate estimates also have to calculate the space for luggage that you bear.

For just under twenty euros we can have a simple two-person tent that will allow us to make a getaway with your partner or alone, and spend a few days next to the beach. Enough to sleep in summer. Sufficient to initiate us.

You do not be frightened by the assembly must. Only has two flexible rods (advisable to wear duct tape for possible fractures) and mounted in under a minute.

If you look for something even faster and more robust ride for two people, they are the famous “erecting” put fashionable shops Decathlon a few years ago.

They come in a bag circular little “pressure”. When removed from the bag rods are “expanded” and the store is mounted.

For my taste not offer too much interior space and are uncomfortable for two people.

I am for some larger stores. After the chances are that the site we charge the whole plot regardless of the space that we use (in some campsites this is not so and have free camping area).

So even though we are a couple, not be amiss to buy a slightly more spacious and comfortable (and lasting) store.

For a couple (with or without children), a store with good reviews is the KIRA 4 HIGH PEAK available for 73 euros shipping included.

Comprehensive and easy to assemble, takes up microscopic space. It is a perfect place to take in the motorcycle or small car shop.

And if we go with the family, we PEAK HIGH AS two rooms connected by a small hall.

Although it seems little has two bedrooms with a capacity of three people each. Remember that these shops are indicated for the spring-summer season.

If we look for an option for the whole year we have to increase our budget or even look for a second-hand car shop (there are less than 600 euros) but this will involve putting a hitch and the car.

More “robust” stores have the Grand Canyon Park 271 euros for five people which will include us as a new floor over the entire surface. This will allow us to protect ourselves better from the wind and to use the tent in autumn and winter with more comfort.

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