Camping Tips For The Beginner: Preparation

Camping with the family for many is something they already do from childhood.

They are therefore no longer stop at what is needed. For those considering it as another way to celebrate holidays, it is a different story. How do you go camping?

Read my experiences with camping, including the cost of the tent and accessories, cooler, clothing/shoes and a loading system.

The Cost Of Camping

Let me start with the financial aspect of camp. It costs money. If you want to maintain a certain level of comfort, it will cost you even a lot of money. This

I had therefore suggested very different at first because you can finally make it as expensive as you want. What surprised me was entire that you need so much terrible stuff.

Fortunately, you have many choices, and you can fix something in different ways.

Since everything we required in the car, we had to find the most compact sizes, which makes it all is a lot more expensive. Despite all my research we lost more money than I had thought. And in hindsight, we perhaps can better choose to buy a caravan.

If it had been just as much fun as we were glamping (glamorous camping) where you use a ready made tent that is fully furnished.

No dragging with all kinds of stuff, only clothes, and ready-is-done. Also, do not forget the camping food list

Clothes And Shoes

A stroke of luck was that you need less clothing than you think. The children are outside all day.

For one week you only two sets of clothes for playing (then one set can dry while the other wears), one set of decent clothes for the event, swimsuits, one long jogging trousers, and jacket for cold evenings or fresh mornings.

Some shoes are another story: slippers, boots, dress shoes and boots. This seems small, but if your family consists of four people creates itself a mountain of shoes.

Never No Longer Suffer From Ants

Who knows the problem with ants not? They love sweets like jams, sugar, syrup and other treats that you can think of.

Now you can begin already to clean up your tents always neat and do everywhere the caps on. But sometimes that is not enough. They climb namely just at the food on your table.

You can once and for all be freed by setting your table with the legs in a bowl of water. Ants do not like swimming. In fact, they drown and they can so therefore never more you crawl on the table. It is that simple!

A System For Loading

If you have purchased and collected everything, it is scared what needs it. The only way to find out if anything at all keeps up can do is to load into the car once again.

Believe me; it’s a lot of work, but it saves time and aggravation along on the day of departure. It is also better for your peace of mind that you know what keep up can. We have bought ourselves a roof box.

Dark things go in the trunk, while the light stuff lasts in the ceiling box. They say it’s unlikely that everything gets wet in the ceiling box, but I want to take any chances with the sleeping bags, so I have them packed in waterproof bags. Remember also continue to bring a tie.

If you are overwhelmed by high winds, it is wise to use a strap to be sure to keep close the roof box. You better avoid you have whole and cut on the (fast) way is spread.

The biggest drama I found it loading and unloading the car. It simply was not a great start and end to the holiday. The only solution is to invent a system.

Which I found in the square cooler bags, which fit into a crate. They are light, lockable, waterproof, have a fixed size, but are still flexible. Things that go together, can you pack in a single bag.

Each bag I gave a label, so I know what’s inside without opening the bag. Only light material fit, otherwise tearing them, but that they are perfect for storage in the roof box, even of the flexible material.

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