Checklist for Finding the Right Accountant for Your Business

Hiring an accountant for your company is no more just about choosing someone good at number-crunching or getting the maximum returns come during the tax-filing time.

In fact, these days, there is more demand of the accountants as the businesses emphasize risk management, one of the major outcomes of global economic downturn.

Often while starting out, the business owners become inclined to choose someone they know or “accountants near my location”, who are aware of the basic strategies of accounting. But this thing never works as the business grows or becomes more complex.

So, how to find a great accountant? Here are some tips that you can consider in this case:

Get referrals:

Word of mouth plays a big role while it comes to choosing an accountant. The referrals can be obtained from friends or from professional associations.

Decide the requirements of your business:

Before you hire an accountant, know about your needs. Do you want the accountant to file taxes and handle the books only?

Or do you need someone, who can offer you advice and can guide you thoroughly when your business grows? Once you are well aware of your needs, ask the accountant whether the person has necessary credentials to sign financial statements and also to perform statutory compliance work.

Choose only licensed candidates:

There are different professional designations for accountancy and each designation comes with various duties and educational requirements.

To get these designations, one needs to get some specialized educations and a certain level of experience. Apart from that, it is also necessary to meet some ethical rules.

Decide the accessibility:

In case you are just starting out, then you have to get in touch with the accountant of your company more often. In this situation, you can consider choosing “accountants near my location”.

It is necessary to choose someone, who is available for the clients round-the-clock or have somebody covering for them while they are away. On the other hand, in case you have a bigger business, then you should gauge accessibility.

Ask how much the accountant charges for the service:

Most of the accountants charge by the hour on the basis of the duties they are offered. So, before you hire one, ask what these fees actually include.

For instance, find out how much the accountant charge whenever you call them for some advice. Also check whether the person is offering flexibility in billing.

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