4 SEO Mistakes to Avoid in Your Shopify Store

If you own a Shopify shop, SEO should be a main priority when it comes to marketing your business. That’s because 70% of all links clicked on come from organic searches.

However, there is a lot more to SEO than focusing on keywords, building a blog section with consistent content, and internally and externally linking to encourage site exploration and build brand authority.

To add to that, there are several things that Shopify store owners do that negatively impact their SEO efforts and their overall success.

That’s why today we are looking at some of the biggest Shopify SEOmistakes to avoid whether you have a new Shopify shop, or a long-standing one.

1. Not Uploading a Sitemap

Your eCommerse shop’s sitemap makes indexing your website easy for crawlers so you can achieve higher rankings.

Not uploading your eCommerce site’s XML sitemap makes ranking high in Google search results difficult. That’s because a sitemap is the best way for search engine bots to crawl and index your site’s content.

The better your site is indexed, the higher you can rank, the more people that will see your site, and the more traffic you will garner.

2. Not Building an Email List

Email list building is not always considered an SEO strategy. However, list building can be very beneficial.

For instance, encouraging site visitors to opt-in to your email list gives you the opportunity to stay in touch with loyal customers, retarget those that visit but don’t buy, and spread the word about your business.

In the end, the more traffic you bring to your site via your email campaigns, and the longer you engage customers, the better your SEO rankings will be.

Sumo is one of the leading email list building tools for Shopify.

Shopify has plenty of email list building options in the App Store for convincing site visitors to subscribe to your email list.

Be certain you get a system for removing and refreshing contacts from the lists while procedures vary across businesses. Since you might be pushing content that is irrelevant into the men and women email lists may be a contributor for your conversion rates.

If information management is an issue to your group, have a look at master data services to conserve time and enhance efficacy.

Plus, do not be reluctant to get private ! There. That is why it’s important to think about their requirements and tailor your plan.

By segmenting your information based on behaviours, functions, and pursuits A fantastic way to put this strategy is. You produce content which moves them, and also might see where clients are from the sales funnel.

Master Data Services may be helpful here for preventing the probability of mistakes on the way and maintaining client information.

3. Not Adding Image Descriptions

Search engine bots also crawl and index your online shop’s images. That means all images need accurate descriptions that bots can understand and index in the proper image search results.

Without proper image descriptions, you run the risk of your images not showing up in search results that relate to your online shop.

With Shopify, just hover over the image, click on ALT, and input your image description.

Make sure you add ALT text descriptions, complete with keyword, to all shop images so you can boost your image search result rankings and increase your site’s traffic.

4. Not Redirecting Product Pages

If your product goes out of stock or is discontinued, and a customer clicks on that link in a search result, they may see an error message.

This makes for a poor user experience and causes people to go elsewhere for their purchases.

Shopify makes redirecting URLs simple in the backend of your shop.

Make sure to redirect old product pages on your site so that if someone clicks on your site from a search result, you don’t lose the opportunity to convert a sale.

Take note of these minor Shopify SEO mistakes and increase your search rankings instantly. After all, the higher your eCommerce shop ranks, the more likely it is that people will click and enter your shop.

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